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Studio Fitness at Sixth Ave.

Hear from Our Satisfied Studio Fitness Clients

At Studio Fitness at Sixth Ave., we work tirelessly with our clients to help them achieve all their fitness goals. We encourage you to read the testimonials below to see how our services have made a real impact on the lives and well-being of our clients.

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Helene L., Jan. 26, 2014

I have been a client of the Sixth Avenue Fitness group for over four years, and I intend to continue with this for as long as I can. I have lost over 36 inches in my time at the fitness center. I enjoy the company of the other members as well as the dedication, encouragement and knowledge of Beth and Merna, my fitness instructors. They know how to challenge me. The instructors have always been there to assist me through my workout while working with various barriers that have arisen, and for this I thank them. I know that the close proximity of and times available at the gym provide me the opportunity to participate in Boot camps, Yoga, Pilates, Personal Fitness and other activities.

Sylvie B., Jan. 26, 2014

When I turned 40, I decided that it was time to invest in my health. There were so many options out there, but after meeting Beth, I decided that the personalized service that the studio provides would be a good fit for me. I've been coming to Studio Fitness for two years now and with the help of Beth and Merna, I've been able to lose about 30 lbs and I kept it off for the first time in my life. The individual programs that they have customized around some of my injuries have been the key to my success. They've also helped me with setting goals and keeping motivated. With having a high stress job coupled with an unpredictable schedule, The Studio provides me the flexibility that I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and set new challenges. Thanks to this, I recently conquered the 1776 stairs at the CN Tower!! I look forward to continued progress with Studio Fitness.

Jenn D., Mother of 3 Children Who Attended Kid’s Golf/Fit Camp, July 23-27, 2012

The kids had such a great week! They were very excited about their free passes and we all can't wait to get out golfing as a family before summer is over. Thanks again for the great program. It was a fantastic change of pace for the kids.

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